INQUA Peribaltic Working Group

Past conferences/field excursions

2023: “From the past to the present – the glacier dynamics in the central part of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet”, in Finland

2022: “Quaternary of the Eastern Baltic Region”, in Latvia-Lithuania.

2019: “From Weichselian ice-sheet dynamics to holocene land use development in Western Pomerania and Mecklenburg”, in Germany

2018: “Lateglacial-Interglacial transition: glaciotectonic, seismoactivity, catastrophic hydrographic and landscape changes”, in Russia.

2017: “From past to present – Late Pleistocene, last deglaciation and modern glaciers in the centre of northern Fennoscandia”, in Finland.

2016: “Quaternary geology of North-Central Poland: from the Baltic coast to the LGM limit”, in Poland.

2015: “Quaternary geology and modern questions” in Assen, Drenthe, The Netherlands.

2014: “Late Quaternary terrestrial processes, sediments and history: from glacial to postglacial environments” in Eastern and Central Latvia

2013: “Paleolandscapes from Saalian to Weichselian, South Eastern Lithuania” in Trakai, Lithuania.

2012:  “Geomorphology and Palaeogeography of Polar Regions”in Novgorod, Russia
: “Late Pleistocene Glacigenic Deposits from the Central Part of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet to Younger Dryas End Moraine Zone” in northernmost Finland and northern Norway

2010: “Ice, Water, Humans – Quaternary Landscape Evolution in the Peribaltic Region” – 35th biannual meeting of DEUQUA and annual meeting of INQUA Peribaltic WG in Greifswald, NE Germany

2009: “Extent and timing of the Weichselian Glaciation southeast of the Baltic Sea” in southern Estonia and northern Latvia

2008: “The Quaternary of Gdańsk Bay and Lower Vistula regions in North Poland: sedimentary environments, stratigraphy and palaeogeography” in northern Poland

2007: “The Quaternary of Western Lithuania: From the Pleistocene Glaciations to the Evolution of the Baltic Sea” in western Lithuania

2006: “Late Pleistocene Glacigenic Deposits in the Central Part of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet” in northern Finland

2005: “Quaternary Geology and Landforming Processes” on Kola Peninsula, Russia

2004: “International Field Symposium on Quaternary Geology and Modern Terrestrial Processes” in western Latvia

2003: “Human Impact and Geological Heritage” in northernEstonia

2002: “Quaternary Geology and Geodynamics in Belarus” inGrodno, western Belarus

2001: “Quaternary Geology in Lithuania” in northeasternLithuania

2000: “International Field Symposium. Quaternary Geology ofDenmark” in Denmark

1999: “Field Symposium on Pleistocene Stratigraphy and Glacial Chronology, Southern Estonia” in Estonia

1998: “Field Symposium on Glacial Processes and Quaternary Environment in Latvia”

1998: “Field Symposium on Glacial Geology at the Baltic Sea Coast in Northern Poland”

1997: “Glacial Sediments and Ice Movement Processes along the German Baltic Sea Coast. Field conference of the Peribaltic Group (INQUA Commission on Glaciation), 8.-14.09.1997, in Kiel, Germany.

1997: “Quaternary Deposits and Neotectonics in the Area of Pleistocene Glaciations” in northern Belarus

1996: “Geological History of the Baltic Sea” in western Lithuania

1993: “Pleistocene Stratigraphy, Ice Marginal Formations and Deglaciation of the Baltic States” in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

1992: “Last Ice Sheet Dynamics and Deglaciation in the North European Plain” in Germany and Poland


Pertti Sarala
(WG President)
Oulu Mining School, University of Oulu, Finland

Gražyna Kluczynska
(WG secretary)
Nature Research Centre, Lithuania

Andreas Börner
(WG vice-president)
State Agency for Environment, Nature Conservation and Geology Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Małgorzata Frydrych
(WG vice-president)
University of Łódź, Faculty of Geographical Sciences, Department of Physical Geography, Poland